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I'm outta here

As 20six has become such a nightmare to use I've decided to abandon this blog. I'll be doing all future stuff over here.


11.7.06 16:27


Thoughts on the World Cup

Well you can't say I didn't tell you. Italy are in the final. I'm feeling pretty smug that my pre-tournament picks have got to the final.

Only France stand in the way of establishing my reputation as a footballing seer. I don't believe in fairy tales and as much as the romantics might want Zidane to sign-off with a win, I can only see Italy triumphing.

7.7.06 15:04

Acts of War

Three detainees commit suicide at Guantanamo Bay. The camp commander describes this as an "act of war".

Now I didn't think anyone in the US military or government was going to shed many tears, but to describe their suicide as an "act of war" shows how detached from reality those persecuting the 'war on terror' have become.

The fact that these three men chose to kill themselves rather than continue to live in a prison without charge, trial, or legal representation, is not an indication that they 'had no regard for life', but that their regard for life was such that they'd rather be dead than to continue to live in shackled in a cell with no prospect of their circumstances changing.

11.6.06 13:53

Thoughts on the World Cup

I thought the World Cup was never going to start. The long, painful, countdown is over and I can enjoy a month of international football.

As a general rule I bet against the favourite so my tips for the tournament are Argentina and Italy. Both have very tough groups but I expect them to come through. Players in the Italian team are embroiled in a match fixing scandal, but I don't think that it will necessarily affect their performance. At 8-1 you can get a decent return on both teams.

Outsiders, I fancy Spain and the Czech Republic. Spain have loads of talant in their team and they cannot continue to flop in major tournaments. Czech Republic have a good team, reached the semi's in Euro 2004 and at 25-1 each way represent great value.

The opening match pits Germany against Costa Rica. I know that footballing convention dictates that you can never write off the Germans, but I think that this is the one tournament where you can. History shows that the home team always does well, but I think Germany may be the exception that proves the rule.  

9.6.06 08:52

Obligatory moan about the new 20six

Is this new platform supposed to be an improvement?

Why then does none of work? Why does my blog look an absolute mess.

Why does Pete keep telling people that thing they need to fix their blog is in 'Your Data' when the only thing you can do in there is change your name and age?

Unless they get this sorted pronto I am going to look around for another blog.

7.6.06 16:42

Thoughts on the World Cup

Just how annoying is Ian Wright? I'm not sure. That's because whenever he speaks I lose all rational thought. Slouched in his seat like a petulant adolescent, he speaks in sentences devoid of coherence. And if that wasn't bad enough, he ends most of them with "man".


31.5.06 09:41

Thoughts on the World Cup

Jamie Carragher will play the holding role in midfield against Hungary tonight.

Why don't we just put Gareth Southgate in there again and make Kevin Keegan manager?

30.5.06 09:38

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